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Guide To Ordering Remanufactured DVC6000 And DVC6200

May 4, 2021
Our latest resource guides you through the process of ordering a DVC6000 or DVC6200 positioner. It outlines the minimum amount of information we need to provide you with an accurate quote. Please note that stand-alone units require information about other components being attached to make sure they are compatible, especially when they are not ordered with […]
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Foxboro 43AP Pneumatic Controller Calibration Guide

January 23, 2021
If you’re new to Foxboro’s 43AP pneumatic controllers, you might have some questions about installation, operation, and maintenance. In this quick guide, we’ll lay out the simple steps to get your instrument calibrated and one step closer to operation.  The tools you’ll need for calibration are:  Air supply with pressure regulator Pressure gauge Small Phillips […]
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Automation Service Adds 11GM Transmitters

September 22, 2020
Earlier this month, we announced that we purchased the Foxboro traditional pneumatic and electronic I/P models from Schneider Electric. Today, we’re expanding that line to include 11GM transmitters. In addition to offering remanufactured Foxboro products, we are now the sole manufacturer for the following products: 43AP Pneumatic Controllers 13A Pneumatic Transmitters E69 Current to Pneumatic […]
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How to Order, Configure, and Install Remanufactured Pressure Transmitters

August 28, 2020
Do you need a replacement transmitter? Foxboro®, Rosemount®, and Honeywell® are three of the top transmitter brands, providing a high level of accuracy and stability. The key to achieving a high level of performance is to ensure that you have the right transmitter for your application and that the transmitter is configured and installed correctly. […]
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Is Your Actuator Corroding on the Inside?

May 14, 2020
If you’ve never thought about corrosion on the inside of your actuator, you’re in good company. The internal components of actuators — diaphragm plates, actuator travel stops, actuator stems, springs, etc. — aren’t easily accessible for visual inspection, which makes their condition difficult to monitor. As a result, corrosion often goes undetected until it’s in […]
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Types of Manifolds Needed for Your Transmitter

November 8, 2019
Whether you’re refining your process controls in an oil field, chemical manufacturing plant, pulp and paper shop, or an energy production facility, determining which manifold you need for your transmitters can be a little tricky. To help you in the selection process, we put together this quick visual guide help to get you started.  First, […]
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How to Calculate Fill Tank Transmitter Calibration Range Values (With Examples)

April 26, 2019
When you’re looking for a transmitter to mount on one of your tanks, you need to determine the right-fit calibration range for the application. While an engineer can certainly assist you in selecting the correct calibration range, you can get a very close idea of what you’ll need using just a few pieces of key […]
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Remanufactured 8700 Flow Meter Installation

April 12, 2019
10 Questions to Install & Commission Your Magnetic Flowmeter Did you confirm your transmitter has been set with the correct line size? Did you determine and enter correct flow units in your transmitter? What is your nominal flow rate expected? Nominal flow rate helps determine lower and upper range values relative to 4-20mA output, and […]
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DVC Or Digital Valve Controllers Troubleshooting Checklist

March 6, 2019
Digital valve controllers (DVCs) can provide a host of benefits to your plant, including a minimized chance of valve failure, reduced testing and maintenance time, and improved system performance. But they can cause frustration and headaches when they don’t work correctly. The good news is that most DVC issues are easily resolved with simple troubleshooting. […]
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Our Top 5 Process Control Articles of 2018

January 8, 2019
2018 was a big year for us here at Automation Service. We merged with Allied Valve, Inc. and launched an e-commerce site, as well as helped several customers give back to their communities via our recycling rewards program. We also published several new articles on our blog. In case you missed any of them, here […]
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Do You Need a Control Valve Positioner?

December 15, 2018
A few months ago, we published an article on the benefits of control valve positioners. But while positioners can provide faster and more accurate control of your valves, they aren’t always necessary. Every control valve application is different, and several factors go into determining whether or not a positioner will drive better performance from your […]
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How to Calibrate a DVC6000 Controller

October 18, 2018
So, you’ve just received your remanufactured Fisher® DVC6000 controller. What’s next? The first thing you need to do is calibrate the device following the instructions below. If you have any questions or run into any problems, call (800) 325-4808 to speak with one of our product technicians. Click here to download a one-page, easily printable version of […]
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How To Calibrate A Fisher® DVC6200 Controller

October 5, 2018
So, you’ve just received your remanufactured Fisher® DVC6200 controller. What’s next? The first thing you need to do is calibrate the device following the instructions below. If you have any questions or run into any problems, call (800) 325-4808 to speak with one of our product technicians. Click here to download a one-page, easily printable […]
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Why You Should Use Control Valve Positioners

September 19, 2018
Process control is a lot like baking, says Jerry Butz, Director of Engineering and Technical Support here at Automation Service. Baking requires specific quantities of ingredients and a steady supply of heat. To keep the oven at the desired temperature, your oven thermostat takes measurements and sends the data to a controller, which then turns […]
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Proportional Only Controller vs. Adding Reset Controls

August 30, 2018
To keep a process running efficiently, the system that controls that process must also work efficiently. That means the control valve needs to respond quickly and accurately to any changes in the process variable. If it doesn’t, the equipment can fail, resulting in unexpected downtime. That’s exactly what Jerry Butz, Automation Service’s Director of Engineering […]
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Trinity EOR Reduced Downtime & Improved Plant Performance

August 21, 2018
Executive summary Oil producer Trinity EOR was regularly experiencing unplanned downtime and lost productivity because the control valves on their inlet lines couldn’t keep their compressors from overloading. Several vendors had attempted to solve the problem without success. Automation Service analyzed the plant’s operations to diagnose the problem. They installed remanufactured controllers with Proportional + […]
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Measuring Flow in the Pulp & Paper Industry

May 1, 2018
By Walt Boyes What is a Magmeter? Electromagnetic flow meters, commonly called magmeters, are pretty close to the perfect flowmeter in many ways. As long as the fluid is conductive, a magmeter will measure flow from about one foot per second to about 30 feet per second in a pipeline, with an accuracy better than […]
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What are HART® Communicator Device Descriptions (EDDL)?

March 20, 2018
By Walt Boyes  What do you need to know about HART® Communicator device descriptions? We have the answer! Read on to learn what device descriptions are, why you should keep them current, and the simple process to update them. What are device descriptions?  A device description is written in EDDL or Electronic Device Description Language, […]
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Are You Sabotaging Your Pneumatic Instrumentation?

March 6, 2018
By Walt Boyes  In the video, “Importance of Using a FilterRegulator,” Eric Williams, valve assessment specialist at Automation Service, explained that using a filter regulator with pneumatically actuated valves is a great small investment. It can significantly extend the life of pneumatic instrumentation. He notes that the major cause of failure in pneumatic instruments is […]
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The Best Process Control and Control Valve Posts of 2017

January 16, 2018
From tech tip videos and blog posts to free calibration and installation guides, Automation Service has the tips and tricks you can use to improve your day-to-day efficiency. Start 2018 off right by rediscovering some of our best process control and control valve resources of 2017: 1. One Simple Thing You Can Do To Extend […]
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Vortex Flow Meters: Basic Working Principle Video

June 16, 2017
In this video, Automation Service Engineer Keith Angle, walks us through the basic working principle of vortex flowmeters. Did you know Automation Service can help you with your next flowmeter calibration? Two-day turnaround on flowmeters 10″ and under Vortex Flowmeter calibration Magnetic Flowmeter calibration Verification reports with NIST traceability Expert advice from in-house engineers and technicians Request Flow Calibration
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No Maintenance, No Paperwork, Customized Recycling Program

Watch the video below to see how you can start a process controls recycling program in your department to make sure you’re getting the maximum value for your asset – with no hassle. I’m ready to recycle!
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Valve Packing & Extending the life of your Control Valve

June 8, 2017
If you see your control valve leaking around the packing box or valve stem, you may be able to fix the leak using the instruction contained in this video. Jerry Butz, Director of Engineering, will walk you through this one simple procedure that can extend the life of your control valve.   Valve packing is a […]
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Need Control Valve Help?

March 10, 2017
Is troubleshooting your Fisher® control valves causing you a headache? Do you need assistance engineering a valve for your application? Are you tired of waiting for a response, or long lead-times? We can help. Automation Service offers much more than just remanufactured Fisher control valves. We offer numerous control valve services from our valve engineers and experts. With over […]
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Top 5 Reasons to Recycle Process Instrumentation

February 10, 2017
What are you doing with your used, broken and surplus process controls? If you’re throwing them away or selling them to scrapyards, you’re missing a great opportunity to receive a substantially greater value out of your assets. Our hassle-free recycling program gives you top value for valves, transmitters, positioners, controllers, flow tubes, flowmeters, and more. […]
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How-To Mount a DVC6000

February 3, 2017
Need instructions on how to mount a DVC6000? You’re not alone! This is one of the most frequently asked questions of our product experts and we’re happy to provide an instructional video to help. If you still need assistance after viewing the video, give us a call at 800-265-4808. Need help calibrating your DVC6000? Click the […]
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DVC6200 vs. DVC6000

January 31, 2017
Which one is right for your application? DVC6000 vs DVC6200: The main difference between the two positioners is linkage. A DVC6200 has a magnetic linkage, while the DVC6000 has a mechanical linkage. A high vibration setup will cause more variance in the readings if you use a mechanical linkage, as well as contribute more wear […]
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Control Valve Actuator Bench Set – Bench Range Requirements

July 28, 2015
In the world of process control engineering, there’s so much to understand about automatic control valves. But one factor that probably doesn’t make the Top 10 List is control valve actuator bench set, as it applies to spring- and diaphragm-type actuators. This factor is an often-misunderstood point of confusion, and sometimes incorrectly described part of […]
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Control Valve Shutoff Classification and Allowable Leakage Rates

April 16, 2015
As featured in Flow Control® Magazine’s April E-Newsletter, Website and May 2015 Print Issue Often when commissioning or troubleshooting automatic control valves, there’s a discovery that the control valve, even though fully closed, doesn’t fully shut off the flow of process fluid through the plug and seat.  Although closed, there is an “allowable leakage rate” as part […]
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Remanufactured Valves Validated by Rigorous Testing

March 2, 2015
As featured in Upstream Pumping® Magazine – January/February 2015 Issue In a conscious effort to cut costs, plant and oilfield operators are exploring and, ultimately, relying more on remanufactured equipment. Purchasing remanufactured equipment is a growing trend with clear advantages. Other than the obvious cost benefits that remanufactured equipment offers, end users are also making the environmentally […]
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Proper Actuator Sizing for Control Valves

October 25, 2023
Packing ring friction, valve seating and thrust among considerations As featured in Processing® Magazine  Articles, references and workshops abound on the subject of proper control valve sizing. But not so many are the opportunities to learn about guidelines for proper sizing of the control-valve actuators. Any piece of equipment is only as good as its […]
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Validating Remanufactured Control Valves

June 25, 2014
Best Practices for Ensuring The Performance and Reliability of Repurposed Equipment As Featured in Flow Control®‘s Valve Update E-News This growing trend of using remanufactured equipment has clear benefits. Not only do remanufactured control valves generally cost less and offer short lead-times, but buying remanufactured equipment is also an environmentally conscious decision. Remanufactured control valves […]
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