DVC6000 vs DVC6200: Which Positioner is Right for Your Application?

DVC6200 vs. DVC6000

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January 31, 2017

Which one is right for your application?

DVC6000 vs DVC6200: The main difference between the two positioners is linkage. A DVC6200 has a magnetic linkage, while the DVC6000 has a mechanical linkage. A high vibration setup will cause more variance in the readings if you use a mechanical linkage, as well as contribute more wear and tear to the linkage.

In short, if you have high vibration issues, or already have a mounting kit in place for a DVC6200, then stick with the 6200. Otherwise, Advanced Diagnostics are the same on both.

A 4-20mA input does not necessarily mean you need a DVC. A 3582i or 3620j could solve the problem. If it needs to be HART®, a DVC6000 or DVC6200 is the right answer. If you require I/O Expansion, then a DVC6200 with position feedback is required. If you want to achieve this with a DVC6000 Series, it will require additional equipment, for example a 4200 Series.

dvc6000 vs dvc6200

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