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Process control products and services aren’t one-size-fits-all. To succeed, you need a partner who completely understands your industry and can identify opportunities for you to improve efficiency. Our team of experts are armed with decades of first-hand experience and technical expertise. They understand your process control needs and are ready to help you meet your goals.

Oil & Gas

Are high MRO costs, unplanned shutdowns, and the need for technical assistance making it challenging to meet your production goals? Customized process controls from Automation Service can help you keep all of your schedules on track.


Whether you work in the E&P sector, midstream processing, or downstream refining, our team is here to help. You’ll get unmatched technical support, custom engineering solutions, and access to a vast selection of instrumentation to suit your process control needs.

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Pharmaceutical Technician In Sterile Environment At Pharmacy Ind


The unpredictability of chemical manufacturing can make staying on top of your process control requirements a challenge. Partnering with Automation Service to help you meet your process control requirements lets you focus on meeting your unique production goals.


Our account executives, engineers, and technicians are dedicated to delivering high-quality instrumentation with full consideration of your timeframe, production needs, and budget.

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Pulp & Paper

If budget constraints are making it difficult for you to achieve your production and quality goals, you’re not alone.


When you work with Automation Service, you have access to a vast product portfolio of customizable, cost-effective solutions for your plant. Choosing these high-quality solutions allows you to focus on reducing energy and chemical costs, production downtime, maintenance intensity, and process variability.

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Reliable Solutions for the Industrial Energy & Utilities Industry

Industrial Energy & Utilities

Enhancing efficiency, lowering emissions, and improving facilities are all top-of-mind goals in today’s industrial energy and utilities market. Keeping a laser-focus on these benchmarks while sticking to your budget is easy when you partner with Automation Service.


Plus, unplanned downtime, time constraints, and tight budgets aren’t as stressful when our account executives, engineers, and technicians are working on your project. They’re just a quick phone call away!

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