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What tests do you perform on your Remanufactured Fisher® valves?

All of our Remanufactured Fisher valves are hydrostatic and seat leak tested to ANSI/ISA standards. Additionally, we test all actuator springs for proper spring rating and all trim materials are verified with a NitonTM XL2 Analyzer. Ultrasonic thickness testing helps determine proper valve body wall thickness, and Benchmark Control Valve DiagnosticsTM report is also available upon request, which provides a comprehensive diagnostic report on your Remanufactured Fisher valve.

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Do you offer control valve sizing assistance?

Yes, our in-house engineering staff can provide engineering services in sizing valves and actuators, selecting the right valve for your specific applications, and providing the correct specifications suitable to your process conditions.

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Can Automation Service remanufacture control valves by their serial number?

Yes, as long as your control valve is an Automation Service Remanufactured Fisher valve. When Automation Service remanufactures Fisher valves, we reassign the serial number in our system and keep record of how the control valve was built, what materials were used and to whom it was shipped. When you’re ready to order more valves with the same configuration, you can submit that valve’s serial number and we will be able to quickly access the information in our system.

What is your delivery time?

Our standard lead time is 2-3 weeks. However, if you need your order sooner, our express delivery time is 2-5 days. Rest assured that no matter the time frame or size of your project, you can count on Automation Service for on-time delivery.

How are you able to ship faster than my local supplier?

Many customers assume that a local supplier or the factory rep can deliver replacement equipment faster since they are local, but don’t realize that our extensive inventory and ability to respond quickly allows us to ship faster than most vendors. In an emergency situation, you may be able to contact your local rep, but he might not be able to get the factory to respond if it’s afterhours. Automation Service is here to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Can you do any special testing?

Automation Service tests every item before it leaves the plant to ensure they are working as designed. We also offer further special testing on control valves, flow tubes and transmitters, depending on order specifications and customer requirements. Please call our sales team at 1-800-325-4808 to discuss your needs.

How long are your products warranteed?

All Automation Service remanufactured equipment is covered by our 2-Year Warranty from the date of installation, not the purchase date. So you need not worry about the warranty period expiring on spares in a warehouse or on a storeroom shelf.


What products do you remanufacture?

Automation Service remanufactures products originally manufactured by Rosemount®, Fisher®, Foxboro®, Honeywell® and Moore®. We are internationally recognized as the leading supplier of high-quality remanufactured transmitters, control valves and actuators, regulators, flowmeters and flowtubes, controllers, positioners, capillaries and sealed systems, transducers and more.

Isn’t remanufactured the same as a rebuilt or refurbished control?

No, it is in fact very different. In contrast to our quality and detail-oriented remanufacturing process, refurbished controls do not offer the same quality assurance as our remanufactured controls. To refurbish or rebuild means to simply fix the problem that caused the unit to fail. This process does not identify the root cause of the failure, nor does it guarantee thorough examination and restoration of the unit components. Only Automation Service can give you that reassurance.

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Do you offer repair services?

Depending on the model and condition of your control, we can quickly diagnose the problem and provide a repair estimate. Automation Service can then either repair the instrument, or supply you with a remanufactured replacement, depending on your needs. Whether your controls were originally manufactured by Rosemount®, Fisher®, Foxboro®, Honeywell®, or Moore®, Automation Service’s team of experts can help.

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Do I need to send a control in before I can get a replacement?

No, you do not. But participating in our recycling program will result in additional savings on your control order. Our extensive inventory of ready-to-use parts allows us to quickly respond to your needs. Call us today and we’ll put you in touch with a Reclamation Agent to help you maximize your savings by recycling your used, old and surplus controls.

How does the Reclamation Road Trip program work?

Reclamation Road Trip is a recycling rewards program available to our U.S. customers. Customers receive RRT Reward Miles for every eligible control they send in – this is in addition to receiving credit toward future orders. Reward miles can be redeemed for free food anytime throughout the year, or you can convert reward miles into a donation in your company’s name to a charity of your choice.

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Do I have to clean the equipment of hazardous chemicals before recycling?

Automation Service requires the items to be clean enough to be disposed of in a normal fashion. However, you would send it to the scrap yard is acceptable for recycling your process controls with us.

Do you buy parts from the OEM?

Yes, sometimes we do. It depends on order specifications, customer requirements, availability and the quality of aftermarket parts.