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Meet Your Production Goals With the Help of Personalized Support

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Is the unpredictability of chemical manufacturing making it challenging to stay on top of your process control needs?

Partnering with Automation Service to help you meet your process control requirements lets you focus on meeting your unique production goals:

  • Producing the right amount of product
  • Maintaining the highest possible quality
  • Performing maintenance as infrequently as possible

Automation Service has been a trusted partner to chemical industry professionals like you for many years. Our account executives, engineers, and technicians are dedicated to delivering high-quality instrumentation with full consideration of your timeframe, production needs, and budget.


And with lightning-fast instrument delivery, the unpredictability of chemical manufacturing and maintenance schedules is no problem. Your order can be on the way in as little as two days, so navigating challenging timeframes is a breeze. 

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Remanufactured Instruments Are the Ultimate Time-Saver

Long lead times will be a thing of the past when you start choosing remanufactured instruments. With an extensive instrumentation catalog and customizable solutions, you can get exactly what you need in no time.


Experiencing production downtime? Instant Turnaround will provide budget and delivery certainty, whether the shutdown was expected or unexpected.


Remanufactured instruments offer significant cost-savings, too. Making the move to remanufactured instruments can save you up to 70% over buying new. And at Automation Service, we stand by our products. Your instruments come with a full 2-year warranty that begins on the installation date.

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Chemical Manufacturing Industry Essentials

Remanufactured Fisher® V300 Control Valve

With superior performance and dependability, the Remanufactured Fisher® V300 Control Valve is an excellent fit for any oil and gas installation, no matter how challenging the environment.

Features include:

    • Durable construction
    • One-piece body
    • Easy seal replacement

Remanufactured Rosemount 3051S Series SMART® Pressure Transmitter

Reliability, durability, and user-friendliness – this pressure solution has it all. We offer remanufactured Rosemount 3051S SMART® Series Transmitters in a variety of configurations for differential, gauge, liquid-level, flow, and specific gravity measurement applications.

Typical applications include:

  • 3051S_CA: Absolute pressure
  • 3051S_CD: Differential pressure for flow or level measurement
  • 3051S_CG: Gauge pressure
  • 3051SAL: Flanged-mounted liquid level for open- or closed-tank application
  • 3051S_TA: Direct mount absolute pressure
  • 3051S_TG: Direct mount gauge pressure

Custom configurations are available. Contact us for a quote.

Recycling Rewards

Get the most value from your components with our Recycling Rewards program!


The process is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. You gather your used components and set them aside for pickup
  2. We travel to you and coordinate all the packaging and shipping
  3. You get credit for old parts to apply towards more remanufactured products from Automation Service
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Recycling is easy


“We don’t have the room to keep a lot of spare parts at my location and Automation Service has been able to get me the products I need, when I need them! A lot of times, the unit is sent out same day or overnight.”

Jason J. – Instrument & Electrical Technician