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A Look Inside the Automation Service Remanufacturing Facility

April 29, 2020
Have you ever wondered what the inside of a remanufacturing facility looks like? In this new video, we take you on a virtual tour of our plant. You’ll see how our technicians:  Intake, clean, repair, and create parts Assemble instrumentation, transmitters, and valves per applicable specifications Test valves per shutoff classification to published ASME standards […]
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8 Common Misconceptions About Remanufacturing (and Why You Can Ignore Them)

April 10, 2019
More and more companies are recognizing that buying remanufactured instruments is a smart, practical business decision. However, there is still loads of confusion surrounding the remanufacturing process, and, more importantly, remanufactured products. Here are a few common fallacies: Remanufactured products aren’t reliable. Remanufactured products don’t carry a good warranty. Remanufactured products aren’t tested to industry […]
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What is Remanufacturing?

May 10, 2018
By Walt Boyes There’s a great deal of confusion over what the difference between remanufacturing, refurbishing, reconditioning, and repairing for instrumentation and control valves. Let’s see if we can end the confusion. Remanufactured vs Refurbished Remanufacturing does not mean refurbishing. When you refurbish, or recondition, or repair an instrument or control valve, you work on […]
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Remanufacturing Control Valves: Take a 30-Second Tour

April 19, 2018
Take a tour of our plant in less than a minute; no travel required! In this video, you can take a 30-second virtual tour of the Automation Service facility and get an inside look at our process for remanufacturing Fisher® control valves. Automation Service remanufactures over 30,000 different parts and knows what affects the quality […]
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Remanufactured Valves Validated by Rigorous Testing

March 2, 2015
As featured in Upstream Pumping® Magazine – January/February 2015 Issue In a conscious effort to cut costs, plant and oilfield operators are exploring and, ultimately, relying more on remanufactured equipment. Purchasing remanufactured equipment is a growing trend with clear advantages. Other than the obvious cost benefits that remanufactured equipment offers, end users are also making the environmentally […]
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Validating Remanufactured Control Valves

June 25, 2014
Best Practices for Ensuring The Performance and Reliability of Repurposed Equipment As Featured in Flow Control®‘s Valve Update E-News This growing trend of using remanufactured equipment has clear benefits. Not only do remanufactured control valves generally cost less and offer short lead-times, but buying remanufactured equipment is also an environmentally conscious decision. Remanufactured control valves […]
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