Guide To Ordering Remanufactured DVC6000 And DVC6200

Guide To Ordering Remanufactured DVC6000 And DVC6200

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May 4, 2021

Our latest resource guides you through the process of ordering a DVC6000 or DVC6200 positioner. It outlines the minimum amount of information we need to provide you with an accurate quote.

Please note that stand-alone units require information about other components being attached to make sure they are compatible, especially when they are not ordered with those components. Frequently, valves and actuators are “made to work” in the field – let us know if there are any signs of modifications or machining to help us better understand any differences from standard construction.

To start with, all positioners need actuator information regarding type, size, and travel.

  • Communication requires DVC6000 or DVC6200
  • Pneumatic or electro-pneumatic with no communication use a 3600 or 3582
  • For rotary valves – Vee-ball or Butterfly V150, V100, V200, V300 or 8500’s
    • Positioner models 3600, DVC6000, and DVC6200
    • Actuator type, size, and travel – common models 1051, 1052, 1061, 1066, 2052
  • For sliding stem valves – E-bodies ED, ES, ET, or EZ
    • Positioner models 3582, 3582i, DVC6000, and DVC6200
    • Actuator type, size, and travel – common models 657, 667; less frequent 470, 480, 513, 585, 655, 656
  • Type of actuator determines single or double acting
    • Spring-return will need single acting, while no spring will need double acting
    • Double acting actuators include but are not limited to: 1061, 1066, 585
  • Type, size, & travel is CRITICAL Information which affects other components and mounting parts needed
    • For example – type 667 size 30 with ¾” travel which is single acting, and direct with appropriate travel arms, cams, gauges, etc. as needed
  • Direct or reverse – consider upstream and downstream process conditions when determining valve fail action – default is direct unless specifically stated otherwise

The DVC6000 and DVC6200 can be configured for either rotary or sliding stem actuator type.

  • Input – 4-20 mA with minimum voltage requirements for operation and communication
  • Rotary is a DVC6020 – quarter-turn rotary applications will be a DVC6030
  • Sliding stem will be DVC6010 – travel requiring long-stroke over 4” will be DVC6020 or DVC6200
  • Single or double acting – relay installed and configured depends on action of actuator
    • DVC6200 – available as -101 for single acting, or -102 for double acting actuator
  • Instrument level – compatible with HART communicators unless specified for Fieldbus
    • HART (HC), Advanced Diagnostics (AD) , or Performance Diagnostics (PD)
    • FOUNDATION Fieldbus (FD), Advanced Diagnostics (AD) , or Performance Diagnostics (PD)
  • Gauges – based on your output these are available as 60 psi (G60P), or 160 psi (G160P)
    • Three 160 psi gauges are default on double acting – only two gauges on single acting
    • Dual psi/BAR gauges are also available as 60 psi (G60B), or 160 psi (G160B)
  • Mounting – appropriate mounting kit is critical based on actuator type, size, and travel
    • DVC6000 has a physical connection of different Cams, Arms, and other feedback components
    • DVC6200 has a magnetic linkage-less connection with different magnetic arrays
  • Position feedback – available as I/O option on DVC6200, or use a position transmitter such as 304 or 4200
  • Air filter regulator – always include on positioners, especially when attached to valves
    • Clean supply air is critical to proper pneumatic function

To download this guide to share with your team, click here. If you need any assistance, give us a call at 800-325-4808.