Remanufactured 8700 Installation and Commissioning

Remanufactured 8700 Flow Meter Installation

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April 12, 2019

10 Questions to Install & Commission Your Magnetic Flowmeter

Rosemount 8705
Rosemount® 8705
  1. Did you confirm your transmitter has been set with the correct line size?
  2. Did you determine and enter correct flow units in your transmitter?
  3. What is your nominal flow rate expected?
    • Nominal flow rate helps determine lower and upper range values relative to 4-20mA output, and generally operates around mid-range
  4. What are the lower and upper range values being entered in transmitter?
  5. Did you enter your 16 digit calibration number provided?
    • What transmitter model and design level are you using? (such as 8712C, 8712D, 8712E, 8732C, 8732E)
    • Do you have a high frequency flowmeter? (such as 8703, 8707, which requires a high frequency transmitter such as 8712H)
    • Is the calibration for your transmitter and design level available (as listed on magnetic flowmeter data tag)
  6. Did you confirm wiring per drawing inside terminal block compartment?
  7. Are you supplying appropriate power for your model transmitter? (120v AC or 24v DC)
  8. Are grounding rings required for your application?
  9. Did you compensate for required pipe diameter distance both upstream and downstream?
    • Requires 5 pipe diameters upstream, and 3 pipe diameters downstream
    • For example, using a 2” flowtube will require 5 x 2” for 10” minimum straight pipe upstream, and 3 x 2” for 6” minimum straight pipe downstream
  10. Is your flowtube installed in a position to remain full of process fluid?
    • Horizontal installation is preferred and most common
    • Any other orientation requires it to be installed with flow moving upwards

Additional troubleshooting is available through technical support, please make sure to note any symptoms or issues as they occur, including process information or communicator error readings.

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