Remanufactured Rosemount 3051 Transmitters

Remanufactured Rosemount Instrument 3051 Transmitters

Remanufactured Rosemount® Pressure Transmitters Guide

You’ve probably heard of remanufactured Rosemount transmitters, but what exactly are they and what are their benefits? That’s what this guide is here to answer. Remanufactured pressure transmitters can:

  • Save you an average of 50-60% on costs
  • Cut your lead times down to 2-3 weeks
  • Provide a reliable solution for your process control needs

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Types of 3051 Transmitters

What’s the difference between a 3051C and a 3051S? The two main differences between the 3051C and the 3051S product lines are accuracy and turn down ratio—but customers can save a lot of money by choosing a 3051C instead of a 3051S. In many applications, the accuracy and turndown ratio differences are unnecessary and/or irrelevant. Click here to learn more.

What One Instrument & Controls Technician Wants You to Know

Instrument & Controls Technician Steve H. contacted other suppliers for remanufactured Rosemount transmitters, but no one could meet his specifications. Then he turned to Automation Service. Steve works in the electric power generation industry, and sometimes his plant has instrumentation needs that other suppliers just can’t accommodate. He said, “the remanufactured Rosemount transmitter I ordered exceeded my expectations. Automation Service supplied me with what two other vendors said could not be done the way I needed it.” Watch the video to learn more. If you work in the electric power generation industry and need help getting the right controls for your application, give us a call or contact us online! We’re here to help.

Transmitter Troubleshooting

Installing the new style of meters on transmitters might be easier than you think. This tech tip video walks you through the process, step-by-step. If you need help installing a meter on a 3051 transmitter, give us a call and we would be happy to talk you through it on the phone. Click here to watch the step-by-step instructional video.

HART® Not Recognizing Transmitter?

One frequent question we get from customers is about the inability of their HART® communicator to recognize a transmitter. We see this issue when there is not enough loop resistance between the power supply and the transmitter, and also when we are bench testing close to a regulated power supply or a very short wire run in the field. To increase the resistance this video demonstrates how adding a 250 Ohm resistor in series will help the HART communicator recognize the transmitter. Watch the video to learn more.

HART® Device Description Basics

A device description is written in EDDL or Electronic Device Description Language, which is a structured text declaration language that is similar to an XML, HTML web page or SGML document. EDDL isn’t a program or programming language in the classic sense. It doesn’t need to be translated for each new operating system. It is interpreted at runtime by the EDD host instead. EDDL is standardized in IEC 61804-3 and IEC 61804-4. Profiles exist for the different fieldbuses to take into account the specific properties of the respective fieldbus. Read more on our blog.

Updating HART Device Descriptions

When OEM’s come out with new transmitters, they include newer firmware revisions within the software. When you buy a HART® communicator, it is preloaded with a particular amount of device descriptions which will recognize certain firmware levels in instruments. If you were to get newer instrumentation, and not update your communicator, it wouldn’t have the device descriptions necessary to understand what it’s talking to. When that happens, the HART® will often go into a generic mode, and you’ll have limited capability as far as what parameters you can adjust or how you can configure. Watch this video to learn how to update your device descriptions.

Remanufactured Rosemount 3051 Transmitters at Automation Service

Automation Service is internationally recognized as a leading supplier of remanufactured process instrumentation and control valves. Our 7-acre, 100,000+ square foot facility is staffed with a team of product experts. We house over 30,000 different parts that are production ready and can start the minute your order is received. Take a look at our remanufacturing process in this 30-second video.


Remanufactured 3051 Ordering Information

We know that when you need an instrument, you need to be sure it’s delivered on time. We guarantee a 2-3 week delivery time for standard orders and need only a 2-5 day lead time for express orders. We offer a 2-year warranty from the date of installation.

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Recycling 3051 Transmitters

Why should you recycle your used and surplus Rosemount 3051 transmitters? There’s no better way to recoup value on your old components. On top of that, the process is simple. We come to your facility and handle all packaging and shipping. We cover the freight costs. You get fair value credit toward remanufactured process controls from our facility. Learn more about the benefits of our process control recycling program in this quick video.

Recycling is an obvious choice. You can stop worrying about how to dispose of your components. Let us take care of everything.

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