Updating HART Device Descriptions - Avoid Entering Generic Mode

Updating Device Descriptions for Your HART® Communicator

Did you know that it’s important to update device descriptions on your HART® Communicator?

When OEM’s come out with new transmitters, they include newer firmware revisions within the software. When you buy a HART® communicator, it is preloaded with a particular amount of device descriptions which will recognize certain firmware levels in instruments. If you were to get newer instrumentation, and not update your communicator, it wouldn’t have the device descriptions necessary to understand what it’s talking to. When that happens, the HART® will often go into a generic mode, and you’ll have limited capability as far as what parameters you can adjust or how you can configure.

In order to update device descriptions within your HART®, you must maintain a license. If you maintain a license, you’ll have the ability to hookup to an RIDA sensor, also called a “red eye”, and download the device descriptions you need from the internet.

Currently, Emerson will only offer a license on 475’s. If you have an older HART®, your device is set with whatever device descriptions were previously loaded, and that’s that. If you don’t maintain a license, you can’t get any more device descriptions, and unfortunately, there’s not always a lot of backward compatibility.

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