Difference Between Rosemount® 3051C & 3051S Transmitters?

Difference Between Rosemount® 3051C & 3051S Transmitters?

3051C vs. 3051S Differences Are Accuracy and Turn Down Ratio

It Comes Down to Accuracy & Turn Down Ratio

Are you paying for more accuracy than you need? Selecting the right transmitter for your application could be a cost saving measure for your plant.

The two main differences between the 3051C and the 3051S product lines are accuracy and turn down ratio—but customers can save a lot of money by choosing a 3051C instead of a 3051S. In many applications, the accuracy and turndown ratio differences are unnecessary and/or irrelevant.  When needing a replacement for an existing application the 3051C series is often more than adequate and certainly more economical than the 3051S.

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