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Remanufactured Foxboro Instrumentation

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Remanufactured Foxboro Transmitters

...Material: Cadmium and Nickel-plated CS, 316 SST, Hastelloy, Monel, pvdf(Kynar) VIEW DETAILS i Remanufactured Foxboro IMT25 Magnetic Flow Transmitter VIEW DETAILS i Remanufactured Foxboro IMT96 Magnetic Flow Transmitter VIEW DETAILS...

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8711 Flow Meter

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8705/8712 Flow Meter

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8701 Flow Meter

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Checklist: Remanufactured Rosemount® 8700 Series Installation & Commissioning

10 Questions to Install & Commission Your Magnetic Flowmeter Rosemount® 8705 Did you confirm your transmitter has been set with the correct line size? Did you determine and enter correct...


...Transmitters 5 Steps for Ordering Remanufactured Foxboro Pressure Transmitters 10 Steps for Configuration & Installation of Foxboro Pressure Transmitters Level Calibration Calculation Instructions Flowmeters [CHECKLIST] Install & Commission Your Magnetic...

DVC6200 vs. DVC6000

Which one is right for your application? DVC6000 vs DVC6200: The main difference between the two positioners is linkage. A DVC6200 has a magnetic linkage, while the DVC6000 has a...

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Do you need help configuring and installing a transmitter? Commissioning a magnetic flowmeter? Setting up a valve controller? You can find how-to guides for these operations and more on our...

E96 Transmitter

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8000A Flow Meter

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2800 Flow Meter

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Measuring Flow in the Pulp & Paper Industry

By Walt Boyes What is a Magmeter? Electromagnetic flow meters, commonly called magmeters, are pretty close to the perfect flowmeter in many ways. As long as the fluid is conductive,...