Plant Turnaround: Success or Distress? Budget Certainty for Your Outage

Turnaround: Success or Distress?

Valve Remanufacturing News from Automation Service

April 12, 2017

instant turnaroundDoes the word turnaround make your stomach churn? You are not alone. Fear of not starting back up in time or overshooting budget are both concerns we hear a lot from our clients. Automation Service has a solution for you that will eliminate schedule and budget risks, and minimize stress.

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Problems with Traditional Turnarounds

Customers always complain that traditional turnarounds cause numerous problems and cost more than expected. Resources often require reallocation to address budget and schedule slippage. Repair estimates are based on external inspections and the actual repair costs increase once the control valves or instrumentation are opened up to reveal the full extent of repairs actually needed. Crane and crews need to be brought out twice; first for removal and then again for installation. The downtime waiting for your control valves and instrumentation to be repaired can be expensive and hinders productivity.

Main Issues with Traditional Turnarounds

  • Delays in scheduled start-up due to unpredictable repair needs
  • Repair costs are underestimated
  • Removal and Installation happen separately
  • Only 90 day warranty on repaired control valves and instrumentation

A Solution to your Turnaround Woes

Automation Service instant turnaround eliminates schedule and budget risks, reduces costs, offers a better warranty versus repair, and improves overall productivity throughout the process.

The Instant Turnaround Process

  1. We walk down control valves and instrumentation to help assess what needs to be replaced
  2. Order the control valves and instrumentation that need to be replaced
  3. We custom build control valves and instrumentation and ship them in time for turnaround date
  4. You are able to Remove and Install, requiring rental of equipment and crew once
  5. Recycle the old equipment to receive credit toward your next purchase

Automation Service replaces your control valves and instrumentation with fully remanufactured products, built to your specifications. This process allows you to know your cost upfront with no hidden or additional costs. The 2-year warranty from date of installation gives you peace of mind that a repair can’t.

Benefits of Instant Turnarounds

  • Budget Certainty: Costs are known upfront and don’t change
  • Schedule Certainty: Delivery date of remanufactured instruments is known
  • Removal and installation saves time and money
  • Productivity increased
  • 2-year warranty from date of installation gives assurance and peace of mind
  • Recycling program for used instrumentation gives you credit toward future purchases for additional savings


After you have removed all the old control valves and instrumentation, send it in for credit toward your next purchase. We’ll arrange and pay for shipping, so there’s no cost to you. You may even be eligible for a yellow recycling bin for your plant to put all your old, used, and surplus instrumentation. See our recycling page for more information on the full program and incentives.

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