Automation Service Quality: CMM Machine Ensures Accuracy

One Unique Way Automation Service Ensures High Quality Production

Valve Remanufacturing News from Automation Service

October 26, 2017

Quality and reliability are always top of mind at Automation Service.  Our plant is equipped with a CMM Machine, which ensures superior quality and precision to our remanufacturing process.

CMM stands for Coordinate Measuring Machine. The CMM is a precision measuring instrument that uses highly sensitive probes to measure the physical geometrical characteristics of an object. The machine can check the object against a solid model, or just pull dimension as necessary to verify accuracy.

There are three major parts of a CMM; the machine, the probe, and the software. The machine itself is controlled manually by one of our experienced machinists or draftsman. The probe maps x, y and z coordinates, which are transmitted to the computer’s software to verify that the parts are within tolerance, and make sure we are staying true to our drawings and quality standards.

Our CMM is just one way that Automation Service ensures the highest quality to keep your plant running smoothly. If you have any questions about our remanufacturing process, or are in need of process instrumentation or control valves, please give us a call at 800-325-4808.