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Remanufactured Fisher Valves Available from Automation Service

February 27, 2024
In the realm of industrial automation, control valves play a pivotal role in managing the flow of fluids and gases, ensuring precision and efficiency in various processes. Automation Service stands as a hub for remanufactured Fisher control valves, offering a diverse range that caters to different industrial needs. Let’s delve into the types of remanufactured […]
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43AP Pneumatic Controller

September 8, 2023
Troubleshooting a 43AP Pneumatic Controller The Foxboro 43AP Pneumatic Controller is a versatile instrument that can be used to control process variables, including pressure, temperature, flow, and level. It does this by continuously measuring the difference between the current process value and the desired set point, and then generating an output air signal that is […]
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Differences Between Air to Close (ATC) and Air to Open (ATO) Valves

June 20, 2023
What is the Difference Between Air to Close (ATC) and Air to Open (ATO) Valves? The main difference between air to open (ATO) and air to close (ATC) control valves is the way they respond to their control signal. ATO valves, without any air pressure to the actuator, are normally closed, meaning that they require […]
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What do the control modes on Automation Service 43AP pneumatic controller mean?

May 19, 2023
Pneumatic Instrumentation from Automation Service The 43AP Controller is a type of process controller that can be used in various industrial applications to regulate a process variable, such as temperature, pressure, level, or flow rate. The controller has several different control modes, each of which tune, or condition the controller to operate in a different […]
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