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How do our remanufactured products differ from refurbished controls?

QualityIn contrast to our quality and detail-oriented remanufacturing process, a refurbished control does not offer the same assurance as a remanufactured control does. To refurbish or rebuild means to simply fix the problem that caused the unit to fail. This process does not guarantee thorough examination and restoration of the unit components. Only Automation Service can give you that reassurance. As controls go through our extensive remanufacturing process, you can rest assured that all reusable components will be restored, all wearable parts will be replaced with new, the unit will be thoroughly tested, and it then must pass a quality control inspection before leaving our plant.


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Our Remanufacturing Process Break Down

  1. Raw materials, old and surplus process controls are received via our recycling program
  2. Controls are completely disassembled down to its  individual  components
  3. Wearable parts are discarded and are replaced with new
  4. Reusable parts are restored to the highest-quality standards
  5. Ready-to-use parts are thoroughly inspected, packaged and placed into inventory

Once Your Order Is Received

  1. Ready-to-use parts are pulled from inventory
  2. Product is built to order specifications following our high-quality standards
  3. Unit is thoroughly examined and tested for optimal working performance
  4. Quality control checks that all order specifications are met and the unit meets our high-quality standards
  5. Once a quality control technician signs off on the quality check, your remanufactured control is shipped

Automation Service is the world’s largest remanufacturer of high-quality process controls.

Automation Service’s remanufacturing process is like none other. In order to provide the highest-quality remanufactured process controls, we restore every component in a control and then build instruments to order from those components. Automation Service remanufactures over 30,000 different parts that are production ready the minute your order is received. Our extensive inventory allows us to quickly respond to your needs. In fact, our standard delivery time is only 2-3 weeks, with 2-5 day lead times on express orders. Our products are thoroughly examined and tested for optimal working performance and dependability before they leave our plant.

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