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Instruments Are Everywhere

You may not realize it, but almost everything you see around you was produced in a plant or refinery facilities … and at some point, the production process was measured by instruments.

cleaners Some, like the household cleaners and medicines you use are pretty easy to spot. They are all made from chemicals refined at a plant. And it’s instruments that made sure the chemicals were mixed correctly.
drinks Others, like your favorite beer or soft drink, were made in a brewery or bottling plant. And there, everything that went into making the finished product you enjoy was measured by instruments.
books Some might be even less obvious, like the paper in the books you read … which was made in a paper mill . And in that mill, you’d find the paper-making process controlled by instruments. And you’d find even more instruments in the plant where the ink was made for printing the words on each page.
clothes Even the clothes you wear contain inks, dyes, or are made from synthetic fabrics that are all made in manufacturing and refining plants.
gas The photo below shows a typical plant operation, and the arrow is pointing to a pressure transmitter, an instrument that measures the pressure in the pipes. This photo was taken at an oil refinery, so the next time you put gas in your car, there’s a good chance that the oil it was made from came in touch with the instrument in this photo — or certainly one like it.

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