Ametek Low Lead Type NL310WJ Air Volume Controls

Ametek Low Lead Type NL310WJ Air Volume Controls

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Low Lead Type NL310WJ Air Volume Controls

Ametek - U.S. Gauge

Low Lead Type NL310WJ Air Volume Controls

Description - U.S. Gauge Low Lead Air Volume Controls adhere to the “Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act” enacted by the U.S. Congress January 2011.

U.S. Gauge low Lead Air Volume Controls are designed for potable domestic water supply systems which deliver a quantity of air to the pressure tank with each cycle of pump operation. Insufficient air in the pressure tank causes frequent operation of the pump. Too much air in the pressure tank will permit large bubbles to be carried into the piping system. This causes a disagreeable noise and sputtering at the faucets.

It is the function of U.S. Gauge air volume controls to maintain the correct relationship between the volume of air and the quantity of water in the pressure tank.

  • Housing: Die cast zinc, with 1-1/4–11-1/2 ANPT male connection for tank installation, and 1/4–18 ANPT female connection to accept a U.S. Gauge Model P-500 pressure gauge, 1/4–18 ANPT, LM connection
  • Main Valve: Brass stem with a neoprene seat, float actuated
  • Relief Valve: Brass, spring loaded pressure actuated Manually adjustable between 15 and 40 psi. Stock units preset at 25 psi FLOAT: Plastic bulb, mounted on a solid, low lead brass rod
  • Deep Well Operation – Type NL310WJ: When there is an excess of air and the water level is low, the float opens the main valve of the control, permitting air to be vented to a chamber within the control. This chamber contains an adjustable pressure relief valve which exhausts the excess air to the atmosphere, providing the pressure in the tank is higher than the relief valve setting. As the float rises with the increase in water level the main valve closes, trapping the remaining volume of air in the tank. The optimum relationship between the volume of air and water in the tank is thus maintained.


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