Remanufactured Fisher® Regulators a Cost Saving Alternative

Remanufactured Fisher® Regulators a Cost Saving Alternative

Valve Remanufacturing News from Automation Service

January 7, 2014

Fisher 95 Series RegulatorAutomation Service, world’s largest remanufacturer of high-quality process controls, is excited to announce its launch of 95 and 98 series remanufactured Fisher regulators.

This is just the beginning. In our recent marketplace survey, we found an increase in demand for high-quality remanufactured pressure reducing and pressure relief regulators… so the decision was simple. We listen to our customers and are excited to deliver solutions that exceed expectations.” stated Stan Carr, Executive Vice President of Automation Service.

This is the first new product release since the company was acquired by FTL Capital in the third quarter of 2013. Automation Service was recently featured on Manufacturing Marvels® – a TV segment that airs on a national news show spotlighting manufacturing companies. Additionally, Automation Service has completely refreshed its logo and website to be more user-friendly and informative. With FTL Capital fully backing Automation Service, the company is starting the New Year off strong and plans to launch additional process control solutions to customers throughout 2014.

Automation Service, an ISO9001:2008 certified company, fully remanufactures its products through a comprehensive examination, restoration and/or replacement at a component level before assembling and testing the unit to the highest industry standards.

To celebrate the new product release, Automation Service is increasing credit and reward miles for recycling 95 and 98 series Fisher regulators in the first quarter of 2014.

Automation Service is the sole warrantor of this product and is NOT affiliated or endorsed by Fisher, Rosemount, or any other Emerson Process Management Company.

Automation Service
Automation Service was founded in 1956, and has grown to be a global leader in high-quality remanufactured process controls. The company is known industry-wide for outstanding quality, on-time deliveries, competitive pricing and an environmentally-friendly alternative to buying new equipment. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Automation Service is proud to say that their products are “Remade in the USA!”

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