Flow Tube Calibration Tech Tip Video from Automation Service

Tech Tip: Flow Tube Calibration

After flow meters are built, the flow tubes need to be calibrated before being sent out into the field. Proper calibration of flow tubes is important to ensure the accuracy and performance of your instruments.

When you order a flow meter from Automation Service, there are three key pieces of information we need from you to properly calibrate the flowtubes:

1. What transmitter will you be using? This helps us know what calibration number to provide you. Make sure you include as much of the model number as you can, including the transmitter type (example: 8712C, or 8712E).
2. What are your lower and upper range values?
3. Do you want an NIST Certificate?

Including these three pieces of information when you order a flow meter will help our team confirm proper calibration, and improve the performance of your instrument.

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