Earn Double Miles on the 3051 Transmitter

Double Miles 3051

Automation Service is going double or nothing on 3051 transmitters! Now through March 31, 2018, we’re giving DOUBLE miles for every Rosemount® 3051 you recycle. You can’t beat those odds.

Our recycling program couldn’t be easier, and with so many reward options to choose from, everyone’s a winner! All you have to do is send in your transmitters, and we’ll add DOUBLE miles to your account. Then give us a call anytime to select a free lunch for your team.


Start collecting your used and surplus Rosemount® 3051C, 3051TG, and 3051S series transmitters and give us a call to get started. And remember, our recycling program isn’t a roll of the dice; we’ll take your instrument regardless of the condition it’s in.

If you are a current participant in our recycling program and you have 3051 transmitters in your bin, let our reclamation team know to schedule a pickup before this promotion expires.

Don’t wait! This offer is available for a limited time. Call 800-325-4808 or fill out the form on the righthand side of the screen to get started.