Stand-alone Unit Orders: Valve, Actuator, Positioner, Parts

Stand-Alone Unit Orders: Valve, Actuator, Positioner, Parts

Valve Remanufacturing News from Automation Service

February 20, 2021

Valve, actuator, positioner, & parts for stand-alone units

  • Stand-alone units require information about any other components being attached to make sure they are compatible, especially when they are not ordered with those components.
  • Frequently valves and actuators are “made to work” in the field. Let us know if there are any signs of modifications or machining to help us understand any differences from standard construction.
  • Receiving a PO is considered as acceptance of any information communicated and of the detailed construction included in the quote.

Valves generally require an actuator. If only ordering the valve subassembly (bare stem), it is critical to know what actuator it is being attached to:

  • Valve stem or connection method needs to be communicated to be sure it will fit and work:
    • The variety of combinations are almost endless, so supply as much information as possible.
    • Splined shafts should be measured across the stem above splines, not on the splines themselves.
  • “Standard Fisher Design” will be indicated in the model build as appropriate:
    • Rotary valves – standard shaft is splined.
    • Sliding stem valves – shaft diameter is critical.
  • “Custom Shaft – Refer to Engineering” indicated in the model build will be further reviewed:
    • Drawing for the specific dimensions of the shaft from our engineering team will be sent with quote. If not received please request confirmation.
    • Selection of custom shaft is evaluated during our stock check process.
    • Commonly, rotary valve custom shafts are Double-D.

Actuators generally require a valve. If only ordering an actuator, it is critical to know what it’s being attached to:

  • Same shaft concerns apply relating to size, configuration, and any known modifications.
  • Let us know any special options, such as oversized bonnets or bosses on globe valves.

Positioners generally go on an actuator. Information regarding type, size, and travel is required:

  • Single or double action is determined by the type of actuator. Spring & diaphragm will be single-acting, while piston/spring & piston will be double-acting.
  • Size & travel affect other components and mounting.
  • Special options such as position feedback or reverse-acting need to be selected:
    • Position feedback – available as an option on DVC6200 or can use a position transmitter.
    • Direct or reverse – consider upstream and downstream process conditions.
  • Air filter regulator should always be included on positioners, unless specifically requested NOT to:
    • Clean supply air is critical to proper pneumatic function.

Parts – how to order parts:

  • OEM bulletins & manuals have exploded pictures with key #’s and sometimes part #’s:
    • Valve repair kit may be available for ball seals, packing, etc.
    • Parts list is not a specific repair kit, and each part needs to be specified
  • Supply a list of part #’s and we will send you exactly what you request. We do not verify if those parts are intended for the same valve, and they are not tested or assembled together.
  • Help selecting parts or components is available with our engineering team:
    • Supply as much information about your current construction as possible.
    • Serial on any valve purchased from us can be tracked to original construction details.
  • If you are not sure what you have, or don’t want to fix it, you can send in your valve for a repair estimate or identification for full replacement – notify us for a return authorization.

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