43AP Bendable Extensions from Automation Service

43AP Bendable Extensions

43AP bendable extensions can be a point of confusion when an Automation Service customer receives one they mistakenly believe to be damaged. To clear up the confusion, let’s take a closer look at 43AP bendable extensions and the adjustable bushing. If you need assistance troubleshooting or just have questions, give us a call and one of our technicians can help provide technical phone support.


When you receive a 43AP, the bendable extension should be inserted in the thermowell, and the adjustable bushing moved down and tightened. Any bends occurring in the thinner section between the bulb and connection area during shipping, storage, or installation, can safely be bent back into shape. However, if a bend occurs in the thicker portion known as the bulb, you may need to repair or replace the instrument. If the extension has experienced an extreme bend it could also cause issues.

Remember, our team is happy to provide troubleshooting and technical phone support. If you have any questions about 43AP bendable extensions, give us a call at 800-325-4808.