Ametek Diaphragm Seals from Automation Service

Ametek Diaphragm Seals from Automation Service

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Ametek Diaphragm Seals

Ametek - U.S. Gauge

Diaphragm Seals

Diaphragm Seals / Capillaries, Electronic Level Measurement, Level Measurement

Description - Mansfield & Green diaphragm seals are continuous duty seal elements, excluding Models L, CS, ES, and EW Series.

Continuous duty seal elements are designed to prevent leakage of the process media in the event that the instrument is compromised.

This feature makes Mansfield & Green diaphragm seals ideally suited for hazardous applications, including those with harmful and corrosive gases.

  • Type C Series Sanitary Diaphragm Seals and CSTG Sanitary Gauge/Seal Assembly

  • Type E Series Economy Seals

  • Type L Series Seals for Low Pressure Applications

  • Type R Series Seals with Removable Diaphragms

  • Type S Series Seals General Purpose

  • Type SCE Series Seals for Tank Application

  • Type SCW Series Seals for Fugitive Emissions

  • Type SF Series Seals with Flush Flange

  • Type SMJ and SNJ Series Seals for Jacketed Pipelines

  • Type ST Series Diaphragm Seal Elements for Low Pressure

  • Type T Series Seals for Corrosive Applications

  • XR Series All-welded Process Gauges and Diaphragm Seal

  • Tags, Capillaries, Locking Devices, Flushing Connections, and many other Accessories for Diaphragm Seals



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