Installing Meters on Transmitters - Step-by-Step Instructions

Installing Meters on Transmitters LP

This Two-Cent-Tech-Tip video demonstrates how to install the new style of meter to a 3051 transmitter.

First, you will want to replace the board by lining up the two pins on the board with the two cone-holes on the transmitter. You also need to attach the ribbon from the board to the sensor. Clip the ribbon in by pushing it until you hear a click, then give it a tug to make sure it doesn’t come loose. To unclip it, you just have to depress the latch and pull it out. Once the ribbon is clipped in, simply line the pins up with the holes and push it in.

Next, you will install the meter. The meter has four different spots you can connect the pin, and you can rotate the meter whichever direction you would like. If you will be mounting the transmitter sideways, you will want to install the meter so that when you’re looking at it, you can read it.

Make sure that the pins align correctly with the holes. It’s easy to put the meter in off to the side and miss one of the pins, but it won’t light up so you will know as soon as you’re done that it is not correctly installed. You would still get an output out of the transmitter, but the meter won’t work. Then it’s just a matter of screwing it in.

Now if you are adding a meter to a transmitter you already have and it has a board, you’re going to need to remove the shorter screws and use the screws that come with the meter, and move the jumpers to the proper spot on the meter.

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