Reclamation Promotions

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4's are WILD in 4th Quarter!

**EXPIRED 12/31/18**
Now through December 31, you’ll get 4x MILES for select Road Trip items.

  • 4" Vee Ball Control Valves
  • NOW 120 MILES
  • Rosemount® TG4 Transmitters
  • NOW 200 MILES
  • Rosemount® 3051 Range 4
  • NOW 160 MILES
  • 4" Rosemount® Magflow Tubes
  • NOW 160 MILES
  • 4" Rosemount® and Foxboro® Vortex Flow Meter
  • NOW 160 MILES
  • 43AP Foxboro® Controllers
  • NOW 160 MILES

    Boost your mileage NOW and redeem your points in time for the holiday season!

    Take a look at Road Trip Rewards HERE


    NEW Recycler Promo

    **EXPIRED 12/31/18**
    If you have not recycled yet in 2018, earn an ADDITIONAL 1000 mile bonus! From now, until December 31st, recycle target items and your team will earn rewards faster!