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Reclamation Promotions

Reclaimation Road Trip


  • 5x Miles for Foxboro® 43AP Controllers

  • 3x Miles for Rosemount® 3311 and Fisher® 846 Transducers

  • 3x Miles for Fisher® DVC6200

  • 3x Miles for Foxboro® IMT25

Photo of: Foxboro 43AP Controllers, Rosemount 331/Fisher 846 Transducers, and Fisher DVC6200, Foxboro IMT25

Get 5x MILES (200 MILES) for each of your used, scrapped, or surplus Foxboro® 43AP Controllers, 3x MILES (60 MILES) for Rosemount® 3311/Fisher® 846 Transducers, 3x MILES (50 MILES) for Fisher® DVC6200, and 3x (120 MILES) for Foxboro® IMT25 I/A Series Magnetic Flow Transmitters.

Don’t miss this opportunity to rack up miles quickly and keep your team fueled up!

Offers end December 31, 2022

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