Reclamation Promotions

4's are WILD in 4th Quarter!

Now through December 31, you'll get 4x MILES for select Road Trip items.

  • 4" Vee Ball Control Valves
  • NOW 120 MILES
  • Rosemount® TG4 Transmitters
  • NOW 200 MILES
  • Rosemount® 3051 Range 4
  • NOW 160 MILES
  • 4" Rosemount® Magflow Tubes
  • NOW 160 MILES
  • 4" Rosemount® and Foxboro® Vortex Flow Meter
  • NOW 160 MILES
  • 43AP Foxboro® Controllers
  • NOW 160 MILES


    Boost your mileage NOW and redeem your points in time for the holiday season!

    Take a look at Road Trip Rewards HERE


    NEW Recycler Promo

    If you have not recycled yet in 2018, earn an ADDITIONAL 1000 mile bonus! From now, until December 31st, recycle target items and your team will earn rewards faster!


    - Miles are in addition to earning credits toward your purchases
    - November/beginning of December is popular time for clients to cash in their miles for holiday parties.
    - Refer to recycling video
    - Product images are all on rewards page, and in media.
    - Incorporate reclamation road trip logo