Instant Turnaround

Instant Turnaround

Taking your plant’s process off line for maintenance can be expensive in terms of lost production, direct costs for labor, tools, materials and heavy equipment used to execute a turnaround.

Our instant turnaround service offers five key benefits for your facility.  

  • First, Budget Certainty. With Instant Turnaround you know up front what your costs are, and there are no hidden surprises like there can be with repairs. You can count on what we quote up front to be your final cost.
  • The second benefit is Schedule Certainty. We will quote you a delivery date up front to eliminate the guessing game. On top of that, with the valves arriving ahead of the turnaround date, you have no delayed schedules. That means you can have crews and equipment available and can install the valves on time.
  • Third, Enhanced Productivity. With Instant Turnaround, the Removal and installation of the valves happens on site at one time. Our goal is to get your plant back online as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • The fourth benefit is Quality Performance. All of our remanufactured valves are hydrostatic pressure tested to ensure body integrity, and they are seat leak tested to make sure the valve meets OEM leak rate tolerances. Each valve will come with a test result certificate. You’ll also get a two-year service warranty from the date of installation.
  • And finally, the fifth key benefit is Cost Savings. Instant Turnaround can reduce labor and heavy equipment cost because you can remove and install the valves on site at one time. We’ll even help you recycle your cores for credit that you can use toward your remanufactured replacements. On top of that, average material costs are 30% less on remanufactured valves compared to repairs.  I’ve even seen cost savings of 65% or more for some of my clients.

If you have any questions about Instant Turnaround, give us a call at 800-325-4808. Our team is happy to help you get started!

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