Industry Specific Expertise is Just a Phone Call Away

To Reach Your Goals You Need Personalized Support and Industry-Tailored Solutions

When it comes to process controls, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Reduced costs and on-time delivery are common objectives, but each industry is also unique and faces its own set of pressures, challenges and technical complexities. To achieve success, you need a partner who comprehensively understands your industry and its distinct challenges, needs, and opportunities to improve efficiency.

At Automation Service, we have assembled a team of experts who understand the process control needs of your industry. We are ready to share our first-hand experience and technical expertise with you to help you meet your unique goals.

Oil & Gas

High MRO costs, unplanned shutdowns and need for technical assistance are all top-of-mind for maintenance engineers, I & E technicians, and planners.  Automation Service has developed several programs specifically designed to help you meet those goals:

  • Instant Turnaround provides budget and delivery certainty during both expected and unexpected shutdowns.
  • Reclamation Road Trip, our process controls recycling program is a no-cost, no-hassle benefit provided to our clients, providing maximum return and rewards.

In addition to these benefits, our in-house engineering staff and product experts are ready to help you meet your production goals.

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Unique Production Challenges Require Personalized Support

As the chemical industry faces unique challenges of the unpredictability of costs, availability, and distribution, we understand that no two chemical operations are alike. That’s why we have made it our goal to deliver process control solutions and technical support that ensure you can produce the right amount of product, at the right quality, with maintenance required as infrequently as possible. We believe that only a partner with the personalized support of Automation Service can meet the highly diverse needs of chemical producers and help you solve your toughest production challenges.

Whatever your application, our account executives, engineers, and technicians are ready to help you choose the right technology to meet your needs.

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Pulp & Paper

Low-Cost Solutions without Sacrificing Quality & Performance

We understand that the pulp and paper industry is facing increased competition and tightening budget constraints. As the pulp and paper industry continues to face evolving marketing dynamics, plants are seeking solutions to increase production, improve quality, and minimize costs. Since 1956, Automation Service has provided process control solutions paired with exceptional on-time delivery to the paper and pulp industry. Our exceptional product portfolio uniquely equips us to offer personalized solutions for your plant, reducing energy and chemical costs, production downtime, maintenance intensity, and process variability

Our team is ready to use our decades of experience in the pulp and paper industry to provide technical support, engineering solutions, and comprehensive solutions to your process control needs.

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Industrial Energy & Utilities

Today’s industrial energy and utility industries are faced with the increasing challenge of enhancing efficiency, lowering emissions, and improving the competitiveness of their facilities. From large utilities to independent power producers, plant availability is the number one priority—but it is easily impacted by maintenance costs and unpredictable downtime. We know that scheduled outage maintenance and turnarounds are the keys to maintain quality and reliability of your operations during peak seasons.

Because timing is critical for the industrial energy and utility industry, our mission at Automation Service is to provide the right solution, right when you need it. Expedited delivery times and our Instant Turnaround program are just a few of the ways we can help you complete your projects on time and under budget.

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