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Remanufactured Rosemount ®
8705/8712 Flowmeter
Rosemount 8705 8712C

The 8700 Series Magnetic Flowmeter System, consisting of an 8705 Magnetic Flowtube, Signal Cable and an 8712 Series Transmitter, measures flow rate of conductive liquids, and transmits a proportional electrical signal.



  • 30 ft/s (10m/s)


  • + – 0.5% of rate from 1 to 30 ft/s(0.3 to 10m/s)
  • Includes combined effects of linearity, hysteresis, repeatability, and calibration uncertainty
  • Accuracy is + – 0.005ft/s(+ – 0.0015m/s) from low-flow cutoff to 1.0 ft/s(0.3m/s)


  • Non-Wetted: Flowtube housing-welded, AISI Type 304 SST or Type 316L SST
  • Flanges-Carbon steel, AISI Type 304 SST, or Type 316L SST
  • Wetted: Lining- Teflon(PTFE), Tefzel(ETFE), polyurethatne, neoprene, Linate
  • Electrodes – 316L SST, Hastelloy C- 276, tantalum, 90% platinum-10% iridium, titanium


  • 1/2-36 inch(15-900 mm)
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Rosemount 8705 8712C

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